From carnival theme, bunk beds and bohemian vibe, Bigg Boss OTT has it all, says Omung Kumar

From carnival theme, bunk beds and bohemian vibe, Bigg Boss OTT has it all, says Omung Kumar

New Delhi: With Bigg Boss OTT just a few hours away from its digital debut, the excitement level has reached a notch higher as the show will be premiered on the OTT platform for the first time and that too 24×7 LIVE on all the days.

Like every year, the main excitement of the show is its contestants and the house. So while the makers are busy sharing the deets of the confirmed contestants, we got our hands on to exclusively talk to the celebrity couple who is known for making this house super special, every single time.

So, while talking exclusively to Zee News Digital, ace art and Bollywood director Omung Kumar spilled the beans on the new swanky Bigg Boss OTT house, the theme of this year and many firsts of this year.

Omung along with his wife and production designer Vanita Omung Kumar always make sure to give the house a feel which is different and unique from the previous seasons. They have surely kept the ‘digital first’ aspect in mind before designing the entire look.

Check out the first glimpse of the Bigg Boss OTT house:

Sharing how they prepped up for this year’s house, Omung said, “This year because OTT is a different platform, different theme, different design. Humne ye socha tha ki agar 24×7 koi kisi ko dekhega toh kaisa hona chahie. Firstly we thought of making it high-tech, then we thought that who zyada cold ho jaega, COVID ke time se nikle hai toh kaha jana chahie, so humne socha lets go camping…lets go for something which has gypsy, carnival theme, bohemian theme… and so that’s how we started our journey this year, use of bohemian theme involves a lot of colours and has rawness with 1960s look and so we tried it for the first time and it turned out to be really good. This time everything is under tent theme, even garden has a huge tent.”

Starting with the living room, he said, “It has a gigantic tent on its ceiling. It has been done with different patchworks and multi-colours. In keeping with the bohemian look, the curtains are made using cloth strips stitched together, so the colourful pattern is evident in all aspects and parts of the house. The sofa has a floral print this time, and right in front of it, the TV wall where Karan Johar will appear has lots of faces with colourful motives and big-big eyes, which gives an impression that each and every eye is watching you as the concept says it that it will be LIVE 24×7.”

Talking about the kitchen area, Omung said, “Attaching to the living room is the kitchen area which we have made out of bamboo and has floral prints. This is for the first time we have experimented with the concept of bunk beds. Although, this concept required a lot on cameras to be placed so each and everyone gets covered while the show is premiered but will add more fun to the element as the views can enjoy small banters over the side of the bed. Generally, in schools and colleges, we saw fights over the beds that who will sleep where will add more and more fun to the show.”

Omung also opened up on the carnival theme this time. “We have also added a tarot card tent this time, because usually when we go to any such places, we have one corner for this too. There is one wall full of sun-signs, as we don’t have much to talk about in the house, so contestants will get one topic of discussion and this can help them in bonding well and this is also the first time which we have added to the list.

The biggest change for this year will be that we don’t have a dining table in the living area. We have placed it in the garden area. It will add more craziness in the house, as to that people have to carry their food from the kitchen to the garden area and so it will be very interesting to see,” he added.

One interesting aspect is that for the first time we have added sliding doors between the living room and the garden thus making the house seem grand and extraordinary when the doors are opened.

“We have also added a huge 10-feet long dream catcher this time along with small-small colourful dream catchers in order to complete the bohemian look.”

Talking about how the couple gets such creative ideas, he shared, “Brain is full of inspirational ideas. Whatever you have done earlier, chalk it down and remove it from the list and keep on trying something new and extraordinary. It gives you high when you design such things and challenge yourself because I don’t do such things for any contestant or channel, I do it to satisfy myself. I always say ‘ye mera ghar hai aur main mera ghar banata hu’ and I hope everyone likes it.

When asked whether Bigg Boss OTT and Bigg Boss 15 will be happening in the same house, “That I don’t know, for that you need to keep watching the show.. suspense hai woh,” he laughed it off.

For the unversed, the show will start from August 8 and all the episodes will stream on Voot from Monday – Saturday at 7:00 pm & 8:00 pm every Sunday.

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